Owning Your Life Just Makes Sense

You’ve seen what’s happening out there and don’t want any part of it. Spending the next 10+ years paying down student debt? Ah no. Riding a desk? Not so much.

It’s time to do things differently and live a life that makes sense to you. And starting a high-paying, in-demand career debt-free makes a lot of sense. Deciding to work locally or experience the world beyond Maine makes sense. 

Most of all, taking control of your own life makes a LOT of sense.

Truckingfor the W.

Experience drives reward in trucking. The more time you spend behind the wheel, the higher your pay—up to 80k or more. But that’s not all. Experience opens other paths, if you want to make a change. Truck drivers can move to jobs in sales, safety, or operations. Other drivers become trainers or handle specialized equipment.

The choice is yours.

What if trucks stopped moving?

Mavericks Wanted

Right now, there’s a shortage of qualified truckers. That’s why we’re looking for the type of person who isn’t afraid of a little hard work, a little adventure. The kind of person who shows up and delivers.

That sound like you? You want to see the world? Be home every night? Something in between? You choose with a career in trucking.

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If you’re at least 16 and have a valid Maine driver’s license, you’ve already taken your first step. Giddyup.

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