For locals who know their way around.

You’re at the start of deciding just how you want to live your life. Where you want to go, what you want to do, how you want to do it. Driving a local truck can be part of that.

Local drivers operate different sizes of trucks and work in route-sales or pick-up-and-delivery, or a pre-determined route delivering to mills, grocery stores or warehouses. They chat more with customers than over-the-road drivers and usually make more stops each day.  (Your gym workout just got a little shorter.) 

If you’re a local truck driver, you can work for a bigger company, service, or even your town.  Or you can decide to work for yourself and set your own time, even build your own fleet.


  • Work with other people like co-workers and customers.
  • Get to be home—or wherever you want to be— every night.
  • Have your own delivery area.
  • Drive in different settings and conditions.
  • Move in-and-out of the truck more frequently.
  • Work with your hands and do physical labor
  • Use technology like ELD’s, telematics, and various in-cab safety technology.
  • Be professional


  • You gotta be 16-18 to drive in Maine, 21 years old to cross state lines
  • Drug and alcohol testing
  • Detail-oriented, especially for the daily safety inspection
  • Be independent and reliable
  • Have a good motor vehicle record

Average Salary


Job Types

  • Dump truck
  • Home heating oil delivery (must be 21)
  • Food/Beverage delivery
  • Package delivery
  • Forest products

“Growing up around the farming industry I always enjoyed working around equipment, so I made the decision to go to truck driving school. I am home every night and off every weekend to spend time with my family.”

–Rick Spencer, Hampden, ME

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If you’re at least 16 and have a valid Maine driver’s license, you’ve already taken your first step. Giddyup.

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